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eBay Buyer Checklist

Before ever bidding on an item, use the following checklist to make sure you've done your homework and get a good a deal as possible. After you use this checklist a few times it will become second nature.

When searching for your item, make sure you've done the following:
  • Know exactly what you're looking for (SKU, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Search Retail or Price Compare engines for going price
  • Checked for misspelled words in the title
  • Take note of any buy-it-now and reserve prices
  • Determine your maximum price for the item
Item Evaluation
You've found several possible items, for each item make sure you've done the following:
  • Confirm it's the exact item you want
  • Read the description for any possible issues - heavily used, broken or missing parts, etc.
  • Review the seller's feedback - is it consistent with the item
  • Review shipping costs - confirm with seller if details are not included
  • Confirm shipping location - will they ship it to your country?
  • Review item location - is it in a different country?
  • Ask seller any questions about the item (and received response)
  • Are the pictures of the actual item, or are they "stock photos"?
  • Does the seller have other items you can combine to save on shipping?
  • Is it a "Dutch Auction", and if so, how many do you want?
  • Is the return policy acceptable?
  • Is it an authentic item, or is it a forgery/duplicate/photocopy/etc.?
  • Is it Buy-it-Now, reserve price, make offer, or other type of auction?
  • Sign In on eBay
  • Wait until the last possible time to bid - "sniping" is usually very effective at saving money
  • Know your maximum and bid that - eBay's proxy bidding will handle the rest
  • Confirm you bid was placed
After the Auction
  • If you didn't win, re-evaluate the price you bid and the winning bidder
  • Verify the bidding results on the item page to make sure you were the winner
  • Don't use third-party "partner" checkout services. Most are safe, but eBay's checkout works very well.
  • Type the URL in the address bar - don't use links inside email's.
  • Before typing in your password _ANYWHERE_, verify the URL/Address in the browser window.
  • Verify the final price and shipping/handling amount
  • Don't fall for any scams - (extra large money orders, etc. They can be forged easily)
  • After receiving the item, verify it's the correct item and as described. If not, use eBay's recommend resolution steps to resolve any problems with the seller.

If you have a additions for this checklist, please contact us.