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Why We're the Best?
There's a reason BidNip was voted the number one auction sniper service: our customers.
Our primary focus is you, our customer. To demonstrate to you how our members feel about our sniping service and customer support we've put just a sample of the emails we receive. We do our best to make sure you win auctions for less AND that you have fun doing it. We love our members, and they love us!

Big Fansign up today!
Just joined Most impressed. Easy to navigate website (and for
a 75 year old that is top marks!) First bid win price seemed well
above final eBay listed bid so I must assume another bidder was doing the same as me! (tough luck chum - bid higher next time) THANK YOU BIDNIP FROM

Response to a support email, member initials M.S. sign up today!

I appreciate that but the missed snipe was not your fault. The snipe went
in as it was supposed to but the seller had blocked my bid for buying too much from him.

Anyway have been with you guys for many years, have referred many, and am
very happy with your service. You are the best and most accurate by far of
all auction sniping services.


WARNER Bsign up today!

Doug K.sign up today!
I have been using BidNip for a number of years, and recently had two great experiences where I won auctions using BidNip. It's great to be able to put in a bid at a comfortable price and then wait to see how it works out! I love not having to track an auction, or get sucked into overbidding for a product at the last second. It's a great service, thanks!

Chris R.sign up today!
I just have to write and tell you that your service is the best! I\'m amazed, delighted and very, very impressed. Since signing up to BidNip I have won practically everything I have really wanted and at prices I can\'t believe! Far better than engaging in live bidding wars and I love the fact that I can enter snipes for several identical items and cancel those I don\'t need once I\'ve won one. No way can you do that with bids through the eBay site. The best bit is that you don\'t charge for lost bids - that beats all the competition hands down. You are the best, period. Thank you again!

M. B.sign up today!
Aloha BidNip, Thanks to all who make BidNip the great service that it is. I\'ve been a member here since 1/27/08 and find BidNip to be the best auto-bidding program (of the four I\'ve used) to snipe eBay auctions since I began in 1998. Reliability, price and ease of use make BidNip #1 in my opinion. Thanks again.

User ID 71382sign up today!
Goofbay was good but why have a free sniper site when it doesnt work!!! Justsnipe unreliable painfull like pulling teeth. Bidnip one click away from perfection.

Keep up the good work great site well worth the money.

Charles D.sign up today!
If you are the highest bidder, Bidnip will get \'er done~! You WILL win that auction. Just pick the amount you are willing to pay..and let Bidnip do the rest. Nobody, (I have researched and tried other sniper services...) and I mean NOBODY does it better than BIDNIP!

User ID 18457sign up today!
I am one of the original sharks on Ebay, since before snipe software was even out. I just kept an accurate clock and came within 20 seconds of close. Then, the \"Hammer\" came out that would let you bid 3 times in last few seconds, in your chosen increments. That was slick! And you didn\'t have to be home waiting. Of course that was stopped and I had to find another. Welcome \"BidNip\"! I searched through them all after \"Hammer\". This was the one. Spend 20 cents each time to have saved $300-$1000 on a couple different auctions, while having dinner on a lake with friends? Yep! I can do that. It\'s not cheating or nasty to \"not\" get caught up in a bidding frenzy, when at most auctions, you to \"try\" to win at lower price.(Not too often, huh?)... Don\'t you wish this worked at a public auction? !!!! Thanks, BidNip!

Steve C.sign up today!
I\'ve ALWAYS manually sniped eBay items for the last 10 years. Only missed one thing I wanted all that time. Today, I needed to be in a class when the bid ended, so I checked out BidNip. I got my item for a good price. Worked like a charm! You have a customer for life. Thanks!

Ann T.sign up today!
Moments ago you won three items, same seller, with slim moments between each auction\'s end. I NEVER could have handled that, but you did and I won all three! LUCKY ME - BRILLIANT YOU! Sincere Thanks to the BidNip Team! Your Fan.

Tom S.sign up today!
eBay now takes a cut of shipping charges.
So when I charge $25 to pack & shipa trumpet across country ebay collects fees PLUS paypal takes 4% of everything.
So sellers are losing twice on shipping costs alone.
Given this climate,
Bidnip is so refreshing. Cheap. A grand bargain.
Saves time & money bidding.
You set upfront limits on bids.
No battles or hassles.
But what inspired me to comment, is that I noticed I could go back and see on ONE PAGE in Bidnip everything I won and lost on ebay in over year. One page.
I could tell just by looking what I spent on any given item.
You can\'t do that on eBay. I\'d have to sift through my payal acct to get the prices. Those values are not listed by item name so it would be time consuming to go through each one to find out what it was and how much I spent.
On that same single Bidnip page I can click on an item listed on ebay. Open it up, view the auction. You can\'t do this on ebay.
The buyer gets only weeks before the listing becomes permanently inaccessible. The difference in usefulness & convenience is incredible.
Thanks for a great site.

UserID: 15234 sign up today!
This is only bidding system we use on Ebay - because we are really pleased with the service having won most of the items that we wanted, the exception being when our max bid was too low. If you want to win an auction this is the way, cost effective, efficient and reliable .... just brilliant.

Tony Psign up today!
Great blog post at

Mary L.sign up today!
Thanks so much for your terrific site!

I checked out quite a few of your competitors and you are the best! Easy to sign up,easy to use!

I am very happy to finally win the majority of the auctions I bid on!! Hurray!!

Mary L.

J. Oliversign up today!
Instead of competing in a bidding war and driving the final price of an iPod up, I simply joined BidNip and let them place my bidwith 5 seconds left! I couldn't believe how cheap I got a brand new iPod!

Anything that I am even half serious about bidding on, will be sniped using BidNip from now on

Paula F.sign up today!
My Ode to BidNip

If you want to win an auction
There's a wonderful concoction:
It's a program that's called BidNip
Sniping website auction hot tip
Every time you bid on eBay
The winnings will go your way!

(by Paula F., BidNip Member)

Dawna A.sign up today!
I recently tried out Bidnip for the first time. I absolutely LOVE the layout of the Bidnip system where you purchase individual "snipes" rather than what other companies do ("monthly" user fees).

When I had some issues recently in using the Bidnip system for the first few times, their customer support was very quick in responding to my concerns as well as making an effort to ensure that I remained a customer. Their superb customer support proved to me that this was a company to stick with, as they care for their customer's happiness and are willing to listen to all their concerns.

From newbies to sniping pros, I highly recommend Bidnip to all.

Russ J.sign up today!
I would like to thank you for the terrific support. Very impressive. Very impressive customer service.

Kathleen F.sign up today!
Hi: I just want to tell you how excited I am to have found this site.

I have bid too much on items because I am at work and can't bid at the last second. I have also lost items 80 percent of the time if I bid ahead.

Thank you so much for providing this service. This is fantastic!!!

Stu B.sign up today!
Well thank you Bidnip. How on earth could any bidder go anywhere else with service like yours.

I've used sniping programs in the past and I must say Bidnip is the quickest and easiest way. I was a bit dubious about another Snipe company coming on the scene but HEY!! the new kid on the block has done it's homework and leaves the rest in the dust.

Well done and thanks again,

Kindest regards Stu B.

Robert G.sign up today!
I placed a bidnip on a rear wing for a Ferrari 1984 126 C4, I got it for $200! What more can I say!!! I love BidNip!!!

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